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    About UHWA

    Indian society is facing lot of social problems. For that matter whole world is facing similar problems. Growing population, violence in the society, atrocities on women ( recently developed dirty culture of raping small buds and small babies), deterioration of family and marriage systems, throwing the parents on the roads/ in old age homes, worsening situation of environment, atrocities on dalits and lower caste people, addicting to bad habits such as alcohol liquors, drugs, narcotics etc.,, porn culture etc., evils are deteriorating human values . Till human being is there on the earth social evils will be there and till social evils are there, social reforms are required. This is a continuous process. If social reforms won’t take place society will demoralise and conditions will deteriorate.

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    Our Programms

    Become a Volunteer to help poor and needy people
    and also to reform the society by Joining as a Member


    Distribution of new blankets

    Distribution of new blankets to the needy every year during winter nearly to 150 persons

    Running Chalivendram

    Running Chalivendram opposite to Maitrivanam having displayed social evils, reasons and solutions;

    Fruits Distribution

    Distributed fruits and other food items in TB Hospital

    Distribution of long note books

    Distribution of long note books and uniforms to nearly 400 students in Govt., schools

    Blood Donation

    Blood Donation camps in Siddartha Nagar Community hall;

    Clean and Green programmes

    Many Clean and Green programs are also held by us